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Eavestrough Components

Buchner Manufacturing Inc. supplies high quality eavestrough coil along with our wide range of eavestrough accessories.

Available in 34 colours     see colours

Gutter Protection

Tired of cleaning out your gutters? Choose from a variety of gutter protection to keep leaves and debris from clogging your gutters.

Rain Barrels

Made of durable, UV stable polyethylene, the 75 Gallon Rain Barrel features a hidden overflow tube, a built in hose with a convenient thumb valve, and removable debris screen.  

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New Installs - Standard & Gutter Protection

 New Installs

Remove Old & Replace With New Installs

'Just A Hanging'

Gutter Protection Installs for Existing Eavestrough

Gutter Protection

Rain Barrel Install

Rain Barrel Installs

A Drop - for the DIYer

A Drop 

Cleaning & Minor Repairs

Cleaning & Minor Repairs